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Repeat Prescriptions


From the 1st September 2019 you will be required to order your repeat medication directly from your GP surgery.*

From the start of the new system community pharmacies, online pharmacies and other dispensing contractors (which include appliance contractors) will no longer be able to order repeat prescriptions on your behalf. Repeat prescription orders will need to be made by you, a relative or carer directly from your GP surgery.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in the following ways:

  • Online/App ordering – Recommended (ask in your GP surgery today) – NHS App or SystemOnline
  • In person at the surgery (using the tear off slip on the right hand side of the previous prescription)
  • Via letter / post (using the white tear off slip on the right hand side of the previous prescription)

*If you or a family member finding ordering medication difficult please speak to your pharmacy who may be able to assist. Alternatively speak to our receptionists who may be able to assist you further

Please be aware the surgery DOES NOT take medication requests over the phone. You may request your medications through SystemOnline, via your local nominated pharmacy, in person at reception or by posting your repeat slip to us. 

Prescriptions will be available for collection from the practice a minimum two days after receipt of the request. This may take a little longer if you are overdue a medication review.

You will be reminded when a medication review is due by a message on your re-order sheet or an invite by SMS, Email or letter. If you fail to make an appointment you may be refused medication or only be issued with a limited supply of medication until you have seen the GP or nurse. Please ensure that you ask your pharmacist for this information.

We have tried to develop a system which is above all SAFE for our patients as mistakes can be potentially life threatening. We therefore ask patients to allow us enough time to check the requests carefully to ensure that there are no errors.

Prescription Charges

For information about prescription charges and exemptions visit the NHS website.

Waste Medicines

It is estimated that 10% of all prescribed medicines are ultimately unused and therefore wasted each year within the North Yorkshire area, at a cost of approximately £11 million. The trust believes that limiting the amount of drugs prescribed at any one time is likely to reduce the potential for wastage. Limiting the amount of drugs in a patient’s home may also reduce the risk for confusion or accidental ingestion by children.


Dispensing Practice

We are a dispensing practice, which means that if you live in a rural are outside the Harrogate and Pannal Parrish Boundaries and more than 1 mile from the nearest pharmacy you can get your prescribed medicines from the dispensary here at the practice if you wish to do so.  We currently have around 2500 patients who are eligible to use this service

If you live less than 1 mile from the nearest pharmacy the rules do not allow us to dispense your medicines and you will have to get your medicines from a chemist.  There are various chemists both locally and online.


Following our letter in September 2018 to all our Dispensing Patients please see below in regards to a recent update to that letter:

Dispensary – Letter to Patients

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