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Comments and Complaints

If you have a concern or complaint about the service you receive from the doctors or any member of staff working in the practice please let us know. We operate a practice complaints procedure as part of the NHS system for dealing with complaints, which meets the national standards.

How to complain
We hope that most problems can be dealt with easily and quickly at the time they arise with the person concerned. If your problem cannot be resolved in this way and you wish to make a complaint we would like you to let us know as soon as possible because this will help us to establish what happened more easily.

Complaints can be made in writing to the practice manager or GP’s concerned. The practice manager will explain the complaints procedure to you and will make sure your concerns are dealt with promptly. It will be a great help if you are as specific as possible about your complaint.

What we will do
We will acknowledge your complaint within five working days and aim to have looked into your complaint within 10 working days. We will then be in a position to offer you an explanation or a meeting with the people involved. When we look into the complaint we will aim to:-
1.        Find out what happened and what went wrong make it possible for you to discuss the problem with those concerned if you would like this.
2.        Make sure you receive an apology where this is appropriate Identify what we can do to make sure the problem does not happen again.

Complaining on behalf of someone else
Please note we keep strictly to the rules of medical confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else we have to know that you have their permission to do so. A note signed by the person concerned will be needed unless they are incapable of providing this because of ill health.

The Care Quality Commission
If you remain dissatisfied with our response to your complaint you have the right to ask the Ombudsman at the Care Quality Commission to review your case. The Care Quality Commission is an independent body established to promote improvement in healthcare through the assessment of the performance of those who provide the service. You can contact the Care Quality Commission on 0845 015 4033 or write to
The Ombudsman
Millbank Tower
London SW1P 4QP

Patient Relations Service – formerly PALS – Harrogate – 0800 06 88 000

The NHS employs over a million staff in thousands of locations. It is a large and complex organisation providing a broad range of services. It is not surprising that sometimes you or a loved one may feel bewildered or concerned when using the NHS. And this can be at times when you are feeling at your most vulnerable and anxious.

So, what should you do if you want on the spot help when using the health service? The NHS expects all members of staff to listen and respond to you to the best of their ability. But sometimes, you may wish to talk to someone employed especially to help you. The Patient Relations Service has been introduced to ensure that the NHS listens to patients, their relatives, carers and friends, and answers their questions and resolves their concerns as quickly as possible.

The PRS also helps the NHS to improve services by listening to what matters to patients and their loved ones and making changes, when appropriate.

What does the PRS do?

In particular, PRS will:

  • Provide you with information about the NHS and help you with any other health-related enquiry
  • Help resolve concerns or problems when you are using the NHS
  • Provide information about the NHS complaints procedure and how to get independent help if you decide you may want to make a complaint
  • Provide you with information and help introduce you to agencies and support groups outside the NHS
  • Inform you about how you can get more involved in your own healthcare and the NHS locally
  • Improve the NHS by listening to your concerns, suggestions and experiences and ensuring that people who design and manage services are aware of the issues you raise
  • Provide an early warning system for NHS Trusts and monitoring bodies by identifying problems or gaps in services and reporting them.

ICAS  – The Independent Complaints Advocacy Service is available to assist you wiith your complaint. Contact them on 0845 120 3734


Patient feedback

  • We welcome and appreciate any views or suggestions you may have regarding any aspect of our service, including our website. Please let us know about your experiences, both good and not so good.

    If you would like a personal response please complete the contact details. If you would prefer to keep your feedback anonymous we would still very much like to hear from you.

    Please ensure you complete the subject line marked with an * otherwise the form cannot be sent.

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