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About Our Patient Group

The Patient Representative Group provides an important link between patients, doctors and staff at the surgery. The purpose of the Patient Representative Group is to:

  • Give patients a voice
  • Help, listen and care about patients concerns.
  • Improve services for everyone’s benefit
  • Promote health and well being
  • Assist patients in getting the best from the service

If you would like to be involved with our patient group please complete the sign up form.

Please help improve services at the surgery for everyones benefit by giving us your suggestions in writing or email. You can drop in your comments in writing at reception or alternatively you can use the contact us icon above which will email us directly.

Minutes 2018


Minutes 2017

PPG Meeting Minutes – December 2017

PPG Meeting Minutes – September 2017

PPG Meeting Minutes – March 2017

PPG Meeting Minutes – June 2017

PPG End of Year Report 2014/2015

Click on the link below to see our Patient Participation Group End of Year report for 2014/15

End of Year Report 2016

Minutes 2016

PPG Meeting Minutes – December 2016

PPG Meeting Minutes – September 2016

PPG Meeting Minutes – April 2016

Minutes 2015

PPG Meeting Minutes – May 2015

PPG Meeting Minutes – February 2015

PPG End of year report 2013/14

End of Year Report 2014

Minutes 2014

PPG Meeting Minutes – October 2014

PPG Meeting Minutes – February 2014

Minutes 2013

PPG Meeting Minutes – October 2013

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