Hospital Specialists

The doctor will refer you to see a specialist if you require investigation or treatment not available in Primary Care. If you are referred to see a specialist doctor or nurse within the NHS, we will be able to send the relevant parts of your health information from our computer records to them electronically. This will ensure secure and confidential transfer of the information from your doctor to the specialist who will care for you as a result of this referral. This information will be stored electronically.

A new referral service has been designed to help ensure that you are seen at the best place at the right time.  Once your referral has been processed by us, the Referral Support Service will contact you usually by telephone to discuss your referral appointment.  If the Referral Support Service is unable to reach you by telephone, then they will write to you asking you to contact them direct.  For this reason, it is always important to provide the Surgery with up-to-date telephone and address details.

Help can usually be provided at outpatient clinics for those with special needs, including impaired vision, hearing or language difficulties and translation services. Please let your doctor know if you will need assistance in any way.

For more information on the referral process, please contact our Admin Department on 01423 569302.