Accessing your Record

We store all our patients’ medical records on our practice computer system (SystmOne). The NHS is committed to developing electronic patient records (EPRs) so health information can be shared between the clinicians responsible for your care.

We are responsible for the accuracy and safe-keeping of your medical record. You can help us to keep it accurate by informing us of any change to your name, address or telephone number and by ensuring that we have full details of your medical history.

If you change practice we will send back your medical record to NHS England Patient Services, to be forwarded on to your new GP. However, entries into your EPR made whilst you were registered with us will remain in our computer archives.

You have the right to keep your personal health information confidential between you and your doctor. This applies to everyone over the age of 16 years and in certain cases to those under 16 years. The law does impose a few exceptions to this rule but apart from these, mentioned below, you have a right to know who has access to your medical record.

We have to respect a balance between your privacy and good practice. We will normally share information with other health professionals involved in your health care unless you ask us not to do so. These people work for a variety of organisations such as NHS Trusts, CCGs, social services or private hospitals. Our nursing team have access to medical records. They are governed by the same professional codes of confidentiality as the GPs and will not disclose health information without your consent.

Administration staff also deal with medical records. They notify NHs England of registration details, scan hospital letters and input data into EPRs and file information which cannot be scanned into manual records.